6 Best Dog Ramps

Do you own a dog? If you do, you know how difficult it is to take your dog from one place to another. Especially when the place you want to take the dog is too high for them to jump up. Dog stairs are here to save the day! In this comprehensive article, we will be exploring the different types of dog stairs. From the best dog stairs, we will help you pick the right one for your furry friend.

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Does Your Dog Need A Ramp Or Steps?

If you have a senior dog, a dog with arthritis or a dog with other mobility concerns, dog steps or a ramp may be necessary.

Dog steps and ramps, in reality, can make life simpler for some extremely small dogs or breeds with short legs.

Your cherished canine companion should not have to strain to get up on the couch, bed, or into the car. And, depending on his size, you may find it tough to continually lift and carry him. Fortunately, there are dog steps and ramps for every dog and every situation.

Steps are a fantastic option for dogs who are agile and balanced enough to utilize normal domestic stairs. Many are portable and can be transferred from the couch to the bed to the automobile. They also occupy less floor space than ramps.

Consider a dog ramp if your dog is having difficulty navigating the stairs in your home, or if they are having difficultly climbing into the car or onto the sofa. You'll need a ramp with a modest inclination and a height sufficient to reach furnishings or your vehicle.

What To Look For When Choosing Dog Stairs


You should pay attention to the measurements of the ramps and stairs if you want to be able to pick the ideal product for your dog. The measurements are crucial because they define how many stairs a ramp can support as well as how much room is required for the steps.

If your dog is a huge breed or your property is designed for larger canines, search for ramps with enormous proportions. Measure your dog properly. Small stairs are the preferable choice for smaller breeds who dwell in the house.

Vehicle compatibility

Vehicle compatibility is an important consideration when choosing a dog ramp. You must make certain that your ramp will fit inside your car and will allow your dog to climb in easily. The last thing you need to be concerned about while stranded is whether your dog ramp will fit in your vehicle.

Weight support

Certain ramps and steps are designed for larger canines while others are not. There are also several other types of dog stairs available, each with a different amount of weight support.


You should consider how frequently and for how long your dog will use the ramp. Many factors, including breed, age, and size, might influence this. If you want to use the ramp on a daily basis for weeks or months at a time, choose something more durable. Instead of plastic, choose wood or metal.

Non-slip surface

The surface of a dog ramp, steps and stairs is an important consideration. The surface must be non-slip so your pooch doesn't slide and fall.

Best Overall - PetSafe CozyUp Folding Stairs

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Stairs

Keep your pet safe and comfortable with PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps. Lightweight and easy to carry from the bed to the couch, these steps are made of non-slip fabric and high-traction replaceable treads. 

Independently tested for strength and durability, these steps are built to last.


  • Foldable dog stairs - store them easily.
  • Lightweight polyethene makes it simple to carry around the house.
  • It comes in two sizes: normal and extra big, so if you need more height, you can have it.
  • It can handle dogs weighing up to 150-200 pounds (68kg - 90kg), depending on size.


  • The plastic material used to make these collapsible pet stairs feels fragile.
  • Non-slip feet are not suitable for all surfaces.

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Best Indoor Dog Steps - Snooza 3 Step Stairs

Snooza 3 Step Stairs for pets

Snooza 3 step grey pet stairs are an innovative product designed to assist small dogs, puppies, or injured or senior pets in moving about a home.

These handy and sturdy pet steps give your pet the freedom and confidence to move about in a home.


  • Allows small dogs, puppies, and wounded or geriatric pets to clamber onto furniture without assistance.
  • As your pet climbs the steps, the non-slip foundation holds them in place.
  • Covers are removable and machine washable.


  • Steps are somewhat narrow.

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Best Dog Car Ramp - Pet Gear Trifold Ramp

Pet Gear Trifold Ramp for cars

The Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp is the best dog ramp for a car. It has a slip-resistant surface to provide sure footing and an easy fold for compact storage. The built-in handle makes it easy to move the ramp around, while the rubber grippers on the bottom help keep the ramp steady.


  • Supports pets weighing up to 200 pounds (90kg).


  • As a non-slip surface, it uses grit sandpaper.

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Best Dog Ramp for Bed - PetSafe Solvit CozyUp Bed Ramp

PetSafe Solvit CozyUp Bed Ramp

The Petsafe CozyUp Bed Ramp is a durable frame that supports up to 120 pounds and is made of high-quality, furniture-grade wood. The cherry finish is easy to clean, and the high-traction carpet surface means your pet will feel comfortable walking on it.

This ramp can be used for both dogs and cats, and the size ensures that it'll be a perfect fit for your home. So, they're the best dog stairs for the bed as they won't clutter up your bedroom.


  • Support pets up to 120 pounds (54kg).
  • Features a cherry wood finish that offers a stylish touch to any house.


  • The carpet is not sufficiently grippy.

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Best Dog Ramp for small breeds (dachshund ramp)

randy and travis dog ramp for small breeds

With this portable, adjustable pet ramp from Randy & Travis Machinery, you can make it easier for your dogs and other pets to travel with you. This ramp is a must-have for pet owners, whether you use it indoors to let your pet get into bed with you or outside to help your pooch get into your car.


  • Portable and foldable for travel.
  • No assembly required.


  • Weight capacity of only 75 pounds (34kg) - one of the smaller pet ramps for dogs.

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Final Thoughts

A pet ramp is a very versatile product that can help any pet by making it easier for them to get into their favourite places. They're also great because they don't take up much space and provide relief from the pain of arthritis or other joint problems - so you'll know your furry friend will be able to move freely again!


Are dog ramps worth the investment?

Yes, these stairs provide a safer living environment for puppies in their homes, even young dogs and larger breeds who may not appear to have any difficulty leaping up and down.

Is a ramp or stairs better for dogs?

Senior dogs may require ramps that do not have stairs and instead allow them to travel at a little inclination but in a straight line. Small dogs may do with steps, while larger dogs may fare well with both.

What size dog ramp do I need?

Dogs have a low centre of gravity and are naturally better climbers, so they can withstand a little higher slope if you don't have a lot of area for a pet ramp.

Longer ramps will be simpler for your pet to ascend. The gentle gradient may make all the difference in the joints of dogs suffering from hip discomfort.

How do you train a dog to use a ramp or steps?

The ideal technique to train a pup to utilize a ramp is to go slow and steady, never pushing the dog up. Instead, let them explore and learn more about the ramp or steps on their own.

Do dachshunds need ramps?

The extended spines of Dachshunds make a ramp important for their owners. Wiener dogs have the greatest incidence of Intervertebral Disc Disease.

What are the best pet stairs for small dogs?

Most steps are a fantastic option for small dogs who are agile and balanced enough to utilize normal domestic stairs. Many are portable and can be transferred from the couch to the bed to the automobile with ease.

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21st January 2022