Can Dogs Eat Celery?

If you want to include some celery in your health kick, you can rest assured that it's also safe for your dog to eat. That's brilliant news if you and your pooch are going on a health kick together. So include the celery with red bell pepper and some cucumber for a healthy snack or lunch after your walk.

Celery is a low-fat, low-calorie healthy alternative to a dog treat, and it's perfect if you and your dog want to lose weight. Celery is listed as safe by many sources, including veterinary health experts. They applaud the nutritious value of celery and the crunchy texture many dogs love about this refreshing treat.

If your dog eats celery, then you're in luck; all you have to do is to support the canine with its healthy habit. But once again, remember not to feed the dog too much celery in case it over-eats, chokes, or happens to have some gastric issues. Instead, give your dog this crunchy vegetable as a healthy treat.