Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

It's movie night, and the popcorn is bouncing everywhere; as you throw handfuls of it at your face, some kernels inevitably end up on the floor and the sofa. This is the perfect opportunity for your four-legged friends to sniff around and hoover rogue pieces as you content yourself in front of a scary movie.

Is Popcorn safe for your furry friends to eat?

In general, popcorn is fine for dogs to eat and even contains some essential nutrients and minerals they need, such as magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. However, the popcorn that lands on the floor during movie night is not usually plain popcorn; it often has salt, sugar, caramel, or some other flavour on it.

For this reason, the popcorn that your dog munches is not particularly healthy, popcorn treated with flavours tends to upset your dog's stomach and cause some gastric issues. That said, if your dog hoovers up a few pieces, they should be fine, but try not to feed too much of it to them, or they might get ill.

If you want to prepare your favourite human foods like popcorn for your four-legged friend, dogs love a small amount of plain popcorn as a treat. Just avoid feeding this new food too often to avoid any negative reactions.