Can Dogs Eat Sardines?

Yes, dogs can eat sardines (the cooked kind). Sardines can provide your pooch with a healthy source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, along with various vitamins & minerals such as vitamin B12 and selenium, benefiting your dogs overall health.

However, it's important to feed your dog sardines in moderation and to choose sardines that are canned in water or their own juices. Avoid sardines that come in oil (you know the ones) as these can be high in calories and fat.

If you have access to fresh sardines, make sure to remove any bones before feeding them to your four-pawed friend, as the bones can be a choking hazard. Canned sardines typically have tiny edible bones (softened via the cooking process), so it is generally safe for your dog to consume. Best to still keep a close eye on them though to be on the safe side.

Can dogs eat raw sardines?

We don't recommend giving your doggo sardines that are raw. Raw sardines, like other types of raw fish, can potentially contain harmful parasites or bacteria that can cause your dog to become ill.