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Famous Instagram Dogs

Turning your dog into an influencer on Instagram can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend. It gives you a creative outlet to showcase your dog's unique doggie personality and share their adventures with a much larger audience, while also connecting and inspiring other dog lovers. In addition, potentially earning money through brand partnerships.

As an doggie instagram influencer, your dog can promote products, services, and causes that align with your values and interests, and inspire others to take action or make positive changes in their own lives. It can also be a great way to document your dog's growth and create lasting memories that you can look back on for years to come. However, it's important to remember that being an influencer requires time, effort, and dedication. It also requires your four pawed friend to be well trained and behaved, otherwise it may be difficult to capture those very important snaps at the right moments.

We've shortlisted some of the biggest dog influencer accounts on Instagram:


An adorable Pomeranian dog named Jiff, has over 9.5 million instagram followers, Jiffpom is one of the most popular dog influencers on the web. Whilst he may not realise just how famous he is, he sure knows how cute he is. Jiff has appeared in various projects including the 'Dark Horse' music video by Katy Perry. The account is run by Jiff's owner and features photos and videos of the fluffy dog dressed up in various costumes and participating in fun activities, such as playing with toys and performing tricks.

Doug the Pug

With over 3.5 million insta followers, itsdougthepug is another huge dog account on Instragram. Doug has become insta-famous for his charming personality, hilarious expressions and witty captions. Doug the Pug has won the hearts of fans worldwide and even stars in an illustrated book, "Doug the Pug and the Kindness Crew". He also has a pretty adorable annual calendar.

Loki the Wolfdog

Loki is a stunning wolfdog with an adventurous spirit that comes through in the images posted on his account. His account has amassed over 1.9 million followers making it an incredibly popular dog instragram account and well worth a mention in this article. The account features photos and videos of Loki exploring the outdoors, going on hikes and going on lots of adventures in the wild. Loki definately can be considered a 'remarkable pet'.


With over 2.4 million followers, Marutaro is an adorable Shibu Inu who has become a big 'pet influencer'. He is fmaously known for his photogenic looks which reflect the Shiba Inu breed's unique look and appearance. The account provides a lighthearted and fun source of entertainment for dog lovers throughout the globe.

Crusoe the Dachshund

Crusoe is a incredibly cute little dachshund, also known as "Wiener Dog Extraordinaire!" by his owner. Crusoes social account on Instagram has grown to over 850k followers and fans. Crusoes is often photographed in adorable costumes, going on fun adventures, and hanging with his doggo friends. Crusoe even features in his own mobile game (yep, we are for real), which is available on the Apple Store and Play Store.

According to a study done by the NY Times, 1 in 4 pet owners hope to turn their four pawed friend into a social influencer. Many owners even admit they spend more time on their pets profile than their own. That means that competition is fierce. However, if you enjoy the process, and it pushes you to create even more great memories with your beloved pet, then it sounds like a well worth venture in any case.