Can Dogs Have Watermelon?

The watermelon, perhaps so-called due to the fact it is 92% water, may seem like an ideal add on to your furry friend's bland diet, and you would be right. Dogs eat watermelon with no problem as long as the rind, seeds and skin are removed as they are difficult for them to digest.

It can be an excellent addition to a balanced diet. Full of vitamins B6, A and C, it can give a boost to your pup's immune system, and it also contains those all-important antioxidants to aid cell repair. It is also good for your dog's teeth, skin and eyes.

For a bit of fun on a hot summer day, feed your dog frozen cubes of watermelon or dehydrated pieces as a chewy snack, their very own dog watermelon snack! It is perhaps a healthier option than many store-bought treats; just make sure their teeth can cope with ice!