Can Dogs Eat Honey?

We all know the benefits of honey in our diets, but can you give your dog honey? The simple answer is yes. Honey is safe for dogs in small quantities. It contains many nutritional components, including vitamins and antioxidants.

Is honey safe for your four pawed friends to consume?

Raw honey contains traces of flower pollen. So if your pup enjoys the occasional honey treat, they will begin to build up pollen in their systems which can be particularly useful if they suffer from seasonal allergies and sneezes! It helps them create antibodies to combat allergies and helps to reduce itchiness and watery eyes, making those hazy summer days more bearable for your sensitive pal.

It can also help soothe kennel cough and may aid gastrointestinal upsets due to the probiotic and prebiotic qualities.

So how much honey do you feed your dog? As with anything outside of their regular diet, it is about moderation.

Don't give this tasty treat to a puppy or a dog with a compromised immune system, and always check with your vet if you are unsure.