Can Dogs Eat Bread?

It can be so tempting to throw your unwanted crusts to your trusty pup, especially when they are practically resting their chin on your plate every lunchtime! So can dogs eat bread? Whilst the answer here is yes, bread serves no purpose in a dog's diet.

With all the artisan creations popping up in the world of baking, we must be really careful about the ingredients in our chosen loaf. Plain white or wheat bread is generally ok but never give your doggy bread that includes nuts, raisins, garlic or onions, as these ingredients are toxic to dogs.

Until someone creates dog bread (it's a possibility!), it isn't appropriate dog food. Some sensitive souls may be wheat intolerant or have gluten allergies causing bloating and an upset stomach.

If you have been practising baking your own creations, please be aware that uncooked bread dough is hazardous to our furry friends, so ensure they are kept away from your bakery and keep your homemade treats for yourself.

Also, if you have a "bin diving" dog, keep that old mouldy bread wrapped up, as mould can cause tremors and seizures.